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The Quarantini - Pommy Harmar EPISODE 11, 29th June 2020
A Quarantini with Fuad Mahamad, CEO of ACH
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A Quarantini with Fuad Mahamad, CEO of ACH

In this episode we hear from Fuad Mahamad, CEO of ACH, an organisation which supports migrants and refugees. He talks passionately about their entrepreneurial spirit and how with targeted investment, they could be the ones to kickstart the economy as we emerge from lockdown.

As usual we bring you our usual round up from Bristol, UK and around the world.


Can't Take the Mask Off of You, Ron Alan

Celebrating Sanctuary at Home, Dijwar Khalil

Hosts: Melissa Chemam and Pommy Harmar

Producer: Pommy Harmar

Opening music: Hot Flu, The Old Bones Collective