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#504: Moët Hennessy, part of LVMH Shares Clos19 Loyalty Insights
Episode 50429th February 2024 • Let's Talk Loyalty • Paula Thomas
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Today’s episode, features a loyalty program called Clos19 from the iconic brand Moët Hennessy, the Wines and Spirits Division of LVMH.

LVMH is the world's leader in luxury, operating in 6 different industries, across 81 countries. Many of their products have been around for centuries, while others are just starting their journey.

Today we are joined by Erin Scarfe, Head of Consumer Engagement within e-business driving Clos19 for Moët Hennessy, and her colleague Anaïs Lebreton who leads eBusiness and Loyalty for Ruinart which is both a champagne of choice for an international clientele and one of the jewels in the crown of the LVMH group.

Listen (or watch) to enjoy our conversation all about Clos19.

 Show Notes:

1) Erin Scarfe

2) Anaïs Lebreton

3) Moët Hennessy

4) Ruinart

5) Clos19

6) LVMH⁠

7) #342: Helping Customers Choose Better - SAQ Shares Powerful Results Selling Wines, Beers and Spirits in Canada

8) Watch this episode at www.Loyalty.TV





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