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Optimism Vaccine - The Optimism Vaccine Network EPISODE 132, 18th March 2021
Squid Talk
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Squid Talk

Tim Thomerson is one of the finest character actors to ever live and a "guys who look like sexy stepdads" hall of famer. No one this side of Tom Atkins can convincingly romance a young Helen Hunt the way Thomerson does. Best of all, he does it with an Old Crow and Marlboro Lights aesthetic that has made him look 47 years old his entire life. Join us as we celebrate Tim Thomserson's action hero acting, comedic chops, and impossibly cool one-liners.

Dry hair is for squids! And Tim hates fucking squids!

THIS WEEK: Dollman (1991), Trancers (1984), Cherry 2000 (1987)

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