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Motivated By Love, Not Fear (with Brittani Miller)
Episode 23815th August 2022 • Leaders Moment • Scott McClelland
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Fear is a powerful motivator, but it's not always the best one. 

In truth, fear can drive us to make decisions that aren't actually good for ourselves or for those we love and serve. Fear can blind us to reality and lead us to act as though we're trapped on a path that isn't healthy, when we should be free to do what's best.

Listen to discover how Brittani Miller, the founder of Creative Melodies, transitioned from fear to love as a motivator. As you hear her story, you'll discover incredible insights and advice that will help you become a more effective leader.  Don't miss it!

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  • Clarity and consequences of people-pleasing (a form of fear)
  • Positive changes from addressing people-pleasing
  • Tearing down fear


ABOUT Brittani Miller

Brittani Miller is a classically trained piano, vocal and flute instructor and the founder of Creative Melodies. She has been teaching music since the age of 13 and has a passion to see others reach their musical goals! 

Over the years she has had the privilege of being a lead singer and keyboardist for a few worship bands, and a music and drama coach for the children's ministry. Brittani is also skilled in Customer Service, Management, Sales, Leadership, and Public Speaking. She’s a strong entrepreneurship professional with an Associate of Arts, focused in Business Administration and Management, General from York Technical College. 

As a teenager, Brittani competed in Fine Arts Festivals for singing, writing, and drama. She equips her students to read, write, play, and compose music that suits their own unique style.

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