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S2E23: Drug Misuse, Overdose, Mental Health & More with Jay Shifman
Episode 232nd July 2022 • The Let Good Things In Show • Amanda Acker
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Hi, Amazing Human!

On today's episode I had the pleasure of having a conversation with the Amazing Jay Shifman.

Jay is a vulnerable storyteller, stigma-destroying speaker, podcaster, and event host. The survivor of two suicide attempts and an overdose, Jay holds a BA in Psychology from Northern Kentucky University and has put in numerous hours of independent learning acquiring certifications in mental health, substance misuse and addiction, and drug policy.

Jay founded his company, Choose Your Struggle, in 2015 with two distinct goals: ending stigma and promoting honest and fact-based education around the topics of Mental Health, Substance Misuse & Recovery, and Drug Use & Policy.

For more information, visit: or find him on social media.

Thank you for listening!

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