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The Role Of Gold In A Diversified Portfolio with Stephen Flood
Episode 1133rd September 2022 • The Capital Club • Brian Adams
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Stephen is the CEO of GoldCore, one of the oldest gold and silver dealers in the market today that has turned over $1 billion in transactions and manages $300 million in assets for their clients.  After Stephen received his degree at Portobello Business College in Dublin, Ireland, he began his career in finance. He held financial and trading positions in New York City before joining Goldman Sachs as a Sales Trader in Equity Derivatives. When he returned to Ireland to put his experience in trading, risk, and financial markets at Goldman to good use, his entrepreneurial drive led him to establish his own financial services firm at GoldCore, where they advise clients on gold and silver purchasing and storage.


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Key Highlights:


[00:01 - 15:55] GoldCore CEO Talks About The Role Of Gold In A Diversified Portfolio


  • GoldCore believes that the system will fail and that owning gold can help mitigate this risk
  • Stephen discusses being libertarian after becoming skeptical of big government and promises
  • When everything gets politicized, it becomes difficult to have an opinion on the right answers


[15:56 - 40:06] Gold Keeps Maintaining Relative Value Amidst Dollar Loss of Purchasing Power


  • Reducing counterpart risk through spreading gold around multiple vaults
  • The world is headed for a systemic financial crisis - physical gold as a hedge
  • Cryptocurrency technology on threatening the concept of the modern nation-state


[40:07 - 41:21] Closing Segment


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Key Quote:


“Gold actually has an enormously powerful psychological benefit to investors. We recently just did a survey last week in the UK, and we asked people who own who have bought gold or who plan to buy gold and how they feel about inflation. They are significantly calmer about it whereas people who don't own gold or have never owned gold or don't plan to are much more nervous about the market and what inflation is going to do to their household balance sheets.” - Stephen Flood


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