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Insecurities are exhausting
Episode 416th December 2020 • I Totally Relate! • Rissy and Shelbs
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Do you feel like you are giving up important parts of yourself so that you can be liked by others? Insecurities are exhausting! In our previous episode we discuss the masks that we wear to protect ourselves from feeling pain, i.e. "You can't hurt me!". In this episode we discuss how absolutely exhausting it is to try to keep up with that illusion! We discuss why we personally wear the masks we do, and what specific circumstances led us to protecting certain parts of who we are.

Our goal with this conversation is to give you permission to show up exactly as you are! You don't need our permission, but hey, if you're waiting for your sign... here it is! In order to show you that we truly mean that, we open up about parts of our story that have been painful in the past, and brought us to where we are and who we are today. We are good enough! And so are YOU!

We love sharing resources with you guys! Things that have helped us, we want to turn around and share with you. We talk about the impact that Glennon Doyle's "Untamed" book has had on us, and also the influence of other strong feminine figures in our life. This is a great place to get some resources that have been influential on our lives.