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SI05: The Systematic Investor Series – October 15th, 2018
15th October 2018 • Top Traders Unplugged • Niels Kaastrup-Larsen
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Welcome to The Systematic Investor series. It’s a great privilege for me to invite you to a behind the scenes conversation between some of my favorite systematic investors namely Jerry Parker and Moritz Seibert. We get on a “call” each week to discuss the events that took place through the lens of a Systematic Investor and how the trading strategies we work with are reacting. It’s a raw and honest exploration and we hope you will join and be part of…not least by sending us questions that we can discuss.

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Episode TimeStamps:

00:00 – Intro

00:50 – Weekly recap of performance

09:10 – Top tweets

19:51 – Niels discusses his trend barometer: (

34:00 – Question 1: Raphael; What is the optimal portfolio allocation?

39:50 – Question 2: Dave; Please explain the trend barometer (link above)

40:50 – Question 3: Dave; Do you change position sizes as a trade progresses?

45:00 – Question 4: When would a TF system be flat (no position)?

47:00 – Question 5: Mohit; What is your worst trade ever?

53:40 – Benchmark performance update