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Ep 204: What It Means to be an Entrepreneur with Gramps Jeffrey
15th August 2022 • Journey To Mastery • Elzie D. Flenard III
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There are many different things that go into making an entrepreneur successful. While having a great product or service to sell is certainly important, it's not the only thing you need. Elzie discusses with Gramps Jeffrey how you also need to be able to choose the right people to help you bring your vision to life and manage your finances responsibly. Find out the key characteristics that will help you achieve success and be an effective entrepreneur!


04:48 You always have to have an extra strategy. You always gotta be thinking about, okay, where am I going to be taking this business?

05:38 You have to have the right products, or the right concept or the right service. You know, that’s very important.  

07:59 The key is you have to surround yourself with people that have strengths that you do not and don’t let your ego get in the way.

09:01 One thing that is always in the back of my mind and kept me up is, “Am I gonna make payroll at the end of the week?”

10:24 An entrepreneur has to take responsibility. We learn by failing, unfortunately, but that’s how we learn. That’s why as we get older, we do get wiser because we fail. Don’t be afraid to fail. 

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