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3 Actionable Dynamic Content Insertion Ideas
Episode 30714th March 2022 • The Podcast Accelerator: How to Grow Your Podcast • Mark Asquith
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Podcasting tech can seem overwhelming but it rarely is once you know how to use it. Here are three creative and actionable ways that you can instantly start to use dynamic ad and content insertion to enhance your podcast today.

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Audio Content Painter Tool (part of AMIE)

Dynamic ad and dynamic content insertion are usually thought of when creating brand new content and are typically used for inserting content at the beginning, middle and end of your podcast episodes. But what if you have content that you "baked-in" to your episode, i.e. that you literally read and recorded as you created the content, that you'd like to replace? Content such as old sponsor ad reads, out of date messages and calls to action can lead to a poor listener experience because it's rare that a new listener doesn't explore your back catalog of content. It used to be exceptionally hard to replace any out of date content, often requiring the re-recording and republishing of your podcast episode audio file which meant that it simply wouldn't get done. Using Captivate'd audio content painter tool, part of the AMIE suite of dynamic podcasting tools, makes replacing old content that was recorded during your episodes a breeze! Simply paint the audio that you'd like to replace using Captivate' s simple and highly accurate audio painter and choose a new snippet of audio to replace that segment with - it doesn't even need to be the same length! This is especially powerful when you use it in bulk across your entire back catalog and makes it easy to open up sponsorship opportunities for your podcast's whole episode inventory!

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