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Kennedy Space Center & My First Stripe
Episode 330th September 2019 • Remove Before Flight • Zachariah Moreno
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  • I've been training for nearly 7 months now
  • I got my first stripe on my white belt during a white belt seminar at guardian
  • Thank You Caleb Khan, my instructor, & all of my training partners at Guardian Gym in Oakland
  • Guardian is a non-profit & please consider donating
  • Moving to a new location in Oakland near Emeryville that is way bigger
  • I did my first water fast for 3 days with very positive results
  • I've been consistently intermittent fasting since starting BJJ
  • Drinking lots of water
  • & Focusing on consistently going 3 times per week

Thank You Again to Michele & Kayvon, NASA KCS, Harry Duran, Caleb & Guardian

Thank You for Listening