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#53 In conversation with Nick Meacham (CEO of Sports Pro Media) - Strategies for a successful career and business in sports
Episode 533rd January 2023 • Sports CDP Crash Course - Data Talks • Data Talks
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Meet Nick Meacham

Nick is a Sports and Media leader with over 20 years of expertise. Nick Meacham is the CEO of Sports Pro Media, a publisher, advisory, and events business driving the digital transformation of global sports. Nick is also the host of the StreamTime podcast and a Senior Independent Director of the British volleyball federation, among many other things.

We sat down with Nick to discuss:

  1. The strategies behind the success of Sports Pro Media and Nick's career
  2. The exciting things happening in sports today
  3. Finding the balance between community and commercial goals of sports
  4. Challenges and opportunities in women's sports 
  5. Sports Pro New Era Program and how it's contributing to giving more female leaders a platform


Nick's favourite quote: Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are

Nick's advice to aspiring future leaders: Focus on building relationships