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Become an Entrepreneur by Preparing Yourself and Seeking Mentors
Episode 930th May 2022 • In Our Words • University Of Wisconsin Extension
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On today’s episode, Rajon talks with J.D. Murphy, owner of Mentor Systems located in the Green Bay Area, and Ambrose W.B., a mental performance coach.  J.D. has been conducting character development training for 23 years and Ambrose is the owner of MISPIBO Fitness.

J.D. and Ambrose share their stories about their challenges and successes and offer advice on how to prepare yourself as a young entrepreneur to be physically and mentally ready. 


05:10 And the mental side is all of the skill sets that come along with entrepreneurship and being an elite person. Time management organization, I said earlier, habits, my routines are really important.

07:07 I've learned over a period of time, what my gifts are, and what my skills are, and then also how to apply them for the benefit of those around me.

14:39 And we learn on the back end how to be better at it. But there's a lot of failure that happens as well. So I would say just those three things, but for me, definitely courage, openness and curiosity.

43:59 But once you've learned that lesson, you don't have to repeat that, you don't have to repeat that process. You probably will. But you have a different perspective of going through, this is just a necessity. This is something that I got to work through.

46:33 Seek mentorship. I know for me, for example, there's people who want to pour into me, and that's the opportunity in front of me, take the opportunity and then and then capture it.


Rajon Hall, MSW - Podcast Host and Real Estate Agent 

Instagram: @BigDreamsRealty

Ambrose WB - a social entrepreneur integrating his experiences owning and operating a healthy lifestyle company for 16 years and the education non-profit industry as a Social-Emotional learning coach specializing in breathwork and meditation for the last eight years. 


JD Murphy - Owner of Mentor Systems (Green Bay). For 23 years JD has been conducting character development training with a tool called The Flag Page, with the purpose to help as many people understand and attain more of their potential. As well as department team building, sales training, and individuals with the development of a clear-cut career path or job change. 

Facebook : @JDMurphy