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#4 The difference between women’s economic empowerment and women’s economic development
Episode 413th November 2019 • Capital Musings • UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF)
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If you were asked "what is the difference between women's economic empowerment and women's economic development," would you know the answer?

Women's economic empowerment has been an essential driver of the economic development agenda; uniting individual nations, multilateral organizations, NGOs and impact investors. But what does successful women's economic empowerment truly mean, particularly in the world's least developed countries? How can success be achieved when cultural challenges are pervasive and profound? And what are the prospects of achieving women's economic empowerment in the LDCs when we are so far behind in achieving the SDGs?

Samina Anwar, Programme Manager for the Inclusive and Equitable Local Development programme--a joint programme of UN Women, UNDP and UNCDF--offers her insights on the future of women's economic empowerment in the LDCs and beyond. She also answers this question: if we do not achieve SDG5 (Gender Equality) by 2030, what would have been the reason?

Capital Musings is a production of the Partnerships, Policy and Communications unit of the United Nations Capital Development Fund and UN Web TV.

Producers: Victoria Guridi, Carlos Macias, Fernando Zarauz





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