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Academic Networking
Episode 208th November 2023 • NetKno The Networking Show • Jeni Smith
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Welcome to Episode 20 of our enlightening networking podcast, where we delve into the exciting world of "Academic Networking." This episode is dedicated to academics themselves and those eager to connect with scholars, and it offers a revealing exploration of the unique culture that defines networking in academia.

In this episode, we navigate the distinct world of academic networking, where the exchange of knowledge and ideas takes center stage. Discover the nuances and differences in networking culture within the academic world, whether you're a seasoned academic professional or someone seeking to engage with scholars.

In this 9-min episode we explore the differences between business and academic networking, and ways we can better understand each others to help bridge that social gap.

Learn how to foster meaningful connections with academics, whether it's to advance your own research, facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations, or simply engage in the world of academia.

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