Buyers Guide to Moisturizers
Episode 1712th July 2023 • The Skin Report • Dr. Simran Sethi
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People of all skin types and tones can benefit from using a quality moisturizer to maintain a strong skin barrier and protect their skin from dryness, redness, irritation, and even the formation of wrinkles. But with so many options up on the shelves promising the same results, it can be challenging to figure out which ones are worth your buck or worthy of your skin!

The Skin Report is a podcast created to educate listeners on methods to improve skin health for people of all ethnicities and ages. On this episode, host Dr. Sethi takes listeners on a deep dive into moisturizers. She addresses some common questions surrounding moisturizers, like “the best moisturizer for different skin types, when to use moisturizer, and how to use moisturizers with serums. The episode also breaks down the two main categories of moisturizers – lipid-based or water-based – and teaches listeners how to tell the difference. Finally, she discusses some popular moisturizers, their pros and cons, and whether she recommends them. So if you’re curious about drugstore moisturizers and higher-end products or want to choose the best moisturizer for your skin, tune in to learn more!

As the founder of RenewMD Beauty Medical Spas and a woman of color, Dr. Sethi shares her experience and knowledge in skincare and maintaining a healthy moisture barrier. So expand your skincare knowledge and learn how to keep your skin healthy and happy with this enriching episode!

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