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Going Pro With Edwin Todd | TSMP #072
Episode 7219th September 2021 • The Successful Mentalist • The Successful Mentalist
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You MUST Know These Strategies If You Plan To Be A Full-Time Performer

Edwin Todd is a highly skilled magician based in the UK. He is the resident magician at Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza and Island House Reigate. Edwin performs regularly at weddings and private events across London and Surrey.

After completing the Learn To Thrive course, Edwin’s career has skyrocketed. He became a full-time professional, and his income soared from £200 per month to £4000+ per month.

In this episode, Edwin joins Aidan and Ashley to share his first-hand experience of becoming a professional magician. He also discusses strategies that can be implemented immediately to gear up for a full-time career in magic.

Topics Discussed Include:

  • [01:50] Who Is Edwin Todd?
  • [02:50] What Was It Like Before Going Pro?
  • [04:30] Challenges In Becoming Professional Magician
  • [07:40] Transitioning From Semi-Pro To Full-Time Pro
  • [11:10] Tips To Book A Long-Term Residency
  • [14:50] Setting Realistic Goals To Go Full-Time
  • [18:40] How Much To Charge For Residencies
  • [22:30] Smart Strategies To Book Gigs
  • [27:30] Leveraging Social Media As A Marketing Tool
  • [32:00] How To Network Efficiently At Gigs
  • [39:00] Advice For Entertainers Who Want To Go Full-Time

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