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#018: How Megan Launched A Physical Product Shop: A Candid Conversation
Episode 1815th November 2021 • Talking Small Business • Kat Schmoyer & Megan Martin
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Last week, we talked about being a multi-passionate entrepreneur and Megan mentioned her daughters' new product shop, Reese and Renee, that she's been helping them launch. It's amazing - and just so incredible that they're doing this! But, since Megan is known for being the digital product queen, we thought it would be fun to put Megan in the hotseat (again!) to talk about launching a physical product shop! 

What we’re discussing today:

  • Learn about Reese and Renee and their story
  • What the backend of launching a shop with inventory is like
  • A look at the highs + lows of a physical shop - low: sourcing materials
  • How launching a physical product to Megan's audience felt
  • A reminder to celebrate your milestones - big and small - as a business owner
  • What kind of product should you launch?
  • The reality of passive income
  • Why they felt launching this physical product was a good idea for their family

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