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Dealmaking Remotely
Episode 219th May 2020 • Deal Us In • McGuireWoods
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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live, work, and go about our day-to-day lives. With more cities and states implementing stay-at-home policies for its citizens, law firms are crafting unique business continuity processes, particularly in the M&A space. Although the quantity of deals has decreased, buyers and sellers remain interested in conducting transactions despite the current crisis.

In this episode of Deal Us In, hosts Ann Dorsett and Ariail Barker speak with Amber Walsh, a McGuireWoods partner and co-leader of the company’s Women in Private Equity and Finance Initiative. She goes in-depth on the logistics of deal-making and reveals you can help your clients close deals from home or anywhere. She also provides valuable tips for those less accustomed to remote work, including cultivating self-discipline and making the effort to stay connected to colleagues and clients. She also discusses the practice of shifting transactions and processes to the digital and virtual space as well as utilizing online tools and technology.

When it comes to risk management, a new market is burgeoning from the pandemic. Amber discusses some new things that may be introduced, such as concepts of fairness and novel purchase agreement terms. It’s also important to consider how much risk a seller should bear in these deals and how financial relief provided to companies can affect the transaction.

Another key takeaway from the episode is Amber’s advice to her younger self, “I wish I could go back and tell [myself] to expect ups and downs in your career… to just relax. It’ll come back, work through it, power through, rely on your mentors, rely on your support system, and you’ll figure it out in the same way that you always have, and you will be back on the upswing soon.” (32:19) 

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