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Through the Roof
Episode 316th March 2023 • Listening for Clues • On the Journey with Jon & Lauren
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In this episode we reflect on a Gospel passage in which a group of friends go to great lengths to bring a paralyzed person to Jesus to receive his healing love.   Jon and Lauren explore when we feel paralyzed in our life.  What is it that needs healed?  Sometimes we need others to help us reach out for healing.

Listening for Clues invites you into conversations that discover clues, rather than solutions to life’s problems. Together, from our own life experiences, we look for clues that help guide us meaningfully, as we continue to deal with challenges and issues in our daily lives, through the lens of faith.

Episodes in our third series, "Powerful Love: Healing Miracles of Jesus"  reflect on how Divine love, love for one another and love for ourselves can be pathways to healing. Join the journey with Jon Shematek and Lauren Welch, Episcopal deacons, as we explore whatever lies ahead. Visit us at or send a message to