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How to survive a triathlon swim: Dave Tonge
Episode 1658th February 2023 • Inside Tri Show • Helen Murray
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Helen heads to Cardiff, South Wales in this week's episode to spend a morning with Dave Tonge (ep. 103) at Heathwood Swimming. Dave has been teaching triathletes and swimmers how to swim for 25 years. He's also helped many former Wales Rugby Internationals with their swimming so they can take on Ironman Wales. Helen meets one such player, Alix Popham, and the 85 year old who is learning to swim. Then Helen has a session with Dave in Endless Pool.

You'll hear:

06:00 Dave Tonge welcomes Helen to Heathwood swim

24:00 Meet Mike, the 85 year old who's been learning to swim with Dave for a year. He was scared of swimming and had never been in the pool. Mike's an inspirational guy who also goes to Crossfit 3 times a week. He decided to learn to swim in his mid-80s because it was on his bucket list.

23:30 Former Rugby International Alix Popham and Dave talk to Helen about the Channel Swim challenge they are involved in October of 2023. A team made up of former rugby union players is taking on a team of former rugby league players in a relay challenge across the English Channel. The majority of the teams have been impacted by early onset dementia. They are raising money for Head For Change.

47:00 Dave gets Helen in the endless pool to help her with her swim technique.

Find out more about this week's guest:

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Head for Change website

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