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How to prepare for a media interview in 10 simple steps
Episode 816th April 2020 • Your pet business content your way • Rachel Spencer
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Have you pitched to a journalist and had a positive response?

Or are you thinking of pitching but feel unsure of the next step to take?

If you haven't been interviewed by a journalist before, the prospect can be a little bit daunting.

With the Coronavirus pandemic taking place now more business owners are finding opportunities to share their experiences in the media.

And being prepared means they can maximise this so here are ten tips on how to prepare for an interview.

Here is a summary of the episode with the timings of the key points covered:

2.10 - Study the publication, consider their political leaning and the demographic of their audience.

4.04 - Look at other stories they have covered on your topic or area of expertise. Case study: Jade Statt and StreetVet.

6.20 - Why journalists love including stats and figures in a story and how you can have these prepared for your interview. Case study: Dominic Hodgson and Worry Free Walks.

9.40 - Be friendly and don't waffle. Remember journalists are people too!

11.02 - Be ready to answer questions as best you can and keep a natural conversation flowing.

12.20 - Why you shouldn't hold back your age or other personal details - especially if the interview is promoting your business!

15.00 - Avoid getting over excited and talking over the journalist (I am trying to stop doing this too!)

16.02 - Keep it simple - remember you are speaking to the man on the street and they won't have the knowledge you do.

The job of the journalist is to make the informations as easy to understand as possible.

18.50 - Have your key messages to hand and try to keep the conversation going back to them.

This means it is more likely that they will see this as the most important part of the story. Case Study - Jade Statt - Mirror Online.

21.00 - Have 3-5 tips handy. Case Study - Kerry Jordan on BBC Radio Kent.

23.10 - E mail links to your website, images and resources.

25.22 - Say thank you and always leave your phone number on your e mail.

Links mentioned in this episode:

Jade Statt - homeless pets and Coronavirus in the Independent.

Dominic Hodgson - Worry Free Walks in the Sunday Mirror:

Sam Barnes - Art with Sam - The Telegraph:

Sam Barnes - Art with Sam - East Anglian Daily Press:

If you are thinking of pitching to the media and you have time on your side, I have a free press release template that comes with a series of e mails to support you.

You can download the template here:

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