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AYD Weekly | Sam Shaber - Pt. 2 (Devastations and Beauty)
Episode 5431st October 2023 • All Your Days • James O'Brien
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Sam Shaber is in the middle of a resurrection. For years, if you found Sam’s work, you found it via storytelling or her podcast focusing on in-vitro fertilization and women’s health and just and accurate information and access to both. Or you knew her power-pop-punk bands. These were the points of contact. This week we pick up the story, the rest of the story, how she came out of a landmark moment in her career recording an album named ‘Eighty Numbered Streets’ with a Grammy-nominated artist and what happened after that. We also come back to family, talking about her father, who in his lifetime wrote the screenplay of ‘The Warriors’ — a milestone film in several ways. And we at last come to the story of Sam’s mother, whose passing in 2022 changed what had been our plan to have an interview on this show shortly after we’d recorded it. That’s the only “lost” episode, and in this installment, we restore the ideas and central truths of that original conversation. And I’m glad to have it. 

Clips in this episode:

  1. Eldorado - Sam Shaber, Eighty Numbered Streets (2003)
  2. Happy Happy Happy - The Happy Problem (2008)
  3. IVFU with Sam Shaber
  4. Silver Linings - Sam Shaber, The Moth StorySLAM (2018)
  5. Solitaire - Eighty Numbered Streets (2003)



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