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Enterprise NOW! - Elzie D. Flenard III 4th October 2020
Ep 185: Leverage their Infrastructure with Paul Zelizer
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Ep 185: Leverage their Infrastructure with Paul Zelizer

On this episode Elzie talks to Paul Zelizer, a fellow podcaster and host of Awarepreneurs Podcast, about the importance of podcasting and conversation, leveraging someone else’s infrastructure and benefits of being a podcast guest. Paul’s core beliefs are if an action is not making the world a better place, it’s not worth doing. Enjoy this awesome conversation! - 04:19 - Podcasting is a pivotal part of having conversations, creating dialogues and helping people communicate

Key points

05:30 - How can podcasting affect a business

11:00 - The impact of a conversation to a life trajectory

12:40 - Leveraging the infrastructure someone else built

14:40 - Benefits of being a guest on another podcast and how it relates to your business

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