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Ep. 111 - Rethinking Clean, Going Beyond Your Diet with Annie Jackson and Allison Evans - The Women Behind Today’s Top Clean Beauty and Household Brands
Episode 11119th April 2018 • Almost 30 • Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik
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In today’s episode, we talk to TWO amazing ladies in the clean home + beauty products space. Allison Evans, of Branch Basics, talks to us all about her journey leading up to partnering up with her aunt (Marilee) and best friend (Kelly) to form Branch Basics, which sells a multi-purpose Concentrate to make cleaning simple, affordable and sustainable. All their products are refillable and can be used for ANY cleaning job. The Concentrate is significantly less expensive than similar single-use products. Annie Jackson, acting COO of Credo Beauty, shares her wide-ranging knowledge about the beauty industry (both conventional and natural). Between Credo’s brands, the leadership, and their consumers, there is a common thread: transparency. Credo promises INTEGRITY. They will never carry products with known harmful ingredients and they only stock brands that never test on animals. Both Allison and Annie share SO much amazing information on why you should buy CLEAN and vote with your dollar.


We discuss…


  • All the ways in which the Almost 30 podcast has grown and progressed since its inception about a year and a half ago.

  • The details relating to Allison Evans’ (Branch Basics) testimony that safe, clean household products along with ridding her home of toxins and eating a real-food diet have healed her various serious health issues.

  • How much perseverance + trial and error went into coming up with the PERFECT all purpose cleaner.

  • That many conventional household cleaners actually utilize harmful (+ unlisted) ingredients (i.e. pesticides).

  • The importance of educating the masses on why they ought to purchase safer cleaning products. The keys to a healthier life are AWARENESS + BRAND TRANSPARENCY.

  • Annie Jackson’s employment history in the beauty industry, beginning with Estée Lauder + Sephora!

  • Annie’s transition out of conventional beauty and into cleaner beauty options.

  • The challenge of getting consumers to ditch their beloved skincare products for the ones you’re selling (even if yours ARE cleaner, safer, + better).

  • Misconceptions about natural, safe beauty products.

  • How Credo Beauty hires estheticians and make up artists to work in house and assist clients personally.

  • Moving away from the feeling of GUILT for the past use of “unhealthy” beauty products, and just making the best possible choices going forward.


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