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How to Speed up Your Content Creation
Episode 9118th November 2021 • Holistic Business Matters • Helen Harding
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Content marketing includes blogs, videos, podcasts, live videos, social media posts, graphics, emails, etc. – it’s the information you publish and distribute online to share your information.

Creating content is critical if you want to find clients and work online. It’s also key to getting your website found in Google.

Sharing regular content will demonstrate your expertise as well as help your audience. See content is an asset for your business that can be used over, and over again.

Creating regular content was why I was offered a book deal and it’s helped me to be invited to speak at conferences and opened up other opportunities for me. It’s also provided me with the draft copy for my book, presentations, workbooks and training.

Practitioners often procrastinate over creating content for their business, but there are ways to streamline the process:

  • (02:46) Pick your core content
  • (04:14) Finding content ideas
  • (06:23) Create a content plan
  • (08:57) Create a draft outline
  • (09:45) Creating written content
  • (11:14) Set a time limit

Podcast 87 – Marketing to your strengths for your holistic business

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