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Episode 150 – Stormy Weather
Episode 15031st August 2020 • Your Ultimate Life with Kellan Fluckiger • Kellan Fluckiger
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What you are about to learn

Problems come into our lives in ways we may not expect, and they usually come consecutively; I refer to this situation as Stormy Weather.  Those storms can be violent, and unpredictable. When I talk about stormy weather, I'm talking about the storms of life, the things that interrupt your ultimate life, or happiness. Problem is, we don't control the weather. While we may not control the problems that are coming into our lives, we do have choices. We can go through the situation as a victim or as an owner. The event happened either way. Our choice is to lay down and get smashed,  as a victim, complain about the circumstances, bitterly rage against the weather, economy, the bad guys, or worse, we blame God. That’s the victim approach. Further, we spend time thinking about revenge. A victim is typically worried about themselves only, and an owner takes control.In creating your ultimate life, being a victim is not the way to go. Take control of whatever storm may come into your life.  

Key Takeaways

 "Ask yourself this question, What do I wish to create?" I know that I can't control the stormy weather, but, I can control my reaction to it. Put yourself in the position of not letting it control you. 

“I want you to think about whether or not you want to go through life as a victim or an owner. A victim will mostly say, “They did this to me, look what happened to me.” An owner says, “Hmm, this happened, what can I learn from this? What can I do with this, given what is what do I wish to create?”  If you choose to take control of your emotion, your reaction to any given situation is a faster path to self-mastery, a quicker path to joy, happiness, and ultimately, it's the quickest path for you to create your ultimate life.”

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