Bonus Episode 01 - 10 Minutes Together with Alisa Van Langeveld
Bonus Episode4th April 2019 • The Military Veteran Dad Podcast • Ben Killoy
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We all hear those parents that tell you, make sure you enjoy the time when they are young.  I am convinced that is just another way to say I was too busy to slow down and enjoy the small things. 

What I really enjoyed about this conversation with Alisa is she talks about that all it takes is just 10 minutes to make that connection with our kids. 

She lays out a simple to follow seven step process to make those 10 minutes matter. 

We go further with her strategy as it relates to punishing kids and offer an alternative to the standard of time outs. 

We dive into how to validate your kids feelings and how to help walk them through what they are feeling. 

Do you parent with the struggle with not being your kids friends?  How do you be firm, but tender, we dive deep into this topic.  Good news is its easier than you think.  

Alisa Van Langeveld is a university professor, researcher and mom to 4 children. She studies child development, family processes and parenting and is currently passionate about inspirong parents to spend 10 minutes a day, connecting with their child, one-on-one. You can hear more from her on Instagram @10MinutesTogether.

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