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Don’t Take Anyone’s Advice with Mathilde Collin
Episode 93030th June 2022 • Supply Chain Now • Supply Chain Now
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If you are a knowledge worker, chances are you manage most of your life and communications through email. And while collaboration platforms have come a long way, email always seems to stay the same. Most workers accept its limitations because they don’t believe there is a better way. But what if there were?

Mathilde Collin is the CEO of Front, a customer communication platform. She looked at the limitations of email and didn’t think it was a problem too big to solve. In fact, she found her mission.

In this interview with host Scott Luton, Mathilde Collin talks about:

• Why email is failing most of us today as a customer communications hub

• The story behind Front's tradition of onboarding each employee with a set of Legos

• What it actually takes to create a better customer experience

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