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The Quash - The Quash Productions, LLC EPISODE 29, BONUS EPISODE, 6th September 2020
The Cross Examination of Tony Fauci/Bonus
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The Cross Examination of Tony Fauci/Bonus

In this Bonus episode I have a little fun showing you what a cross examination of Tony Fauci might look like. The same would apply to any of these other "public health experts" who purport to now be in charge of so many aspects of our lives. I demonstrate what a complete fraud the claim is that we are "following the science" with these insane restrictions. I have demanded since day one that these lying snakes be put under oath. This is just a small taste of what would go on for HOURS and HOURS if we could ever swear them in. The same type of cross should occur to every single govt official who has locked us down. I show beyond any doubt that what is going on is absurd and criminal and must end NOW.

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