How to build your brand as a musician.
Episode 410th May 2024 • The Fearless Artist Podcast • Michelle Lynne, Deanna Petre
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In this fourth episode of the Fearless Artist Podcast, host Michelle Lynne is joined by Pieter Schoonderwoerd, an experienced music educator and industry professional. They delve into the topic of artistic branding, discussing its importance and impact on musicians' careers. Pieter shares his extensive background, transitioning from a musician to a venue director and now an educator, emphasizing how his real-world experiences enrich his teaching, particularly in music entrepreneurship.

Pieter and Michelle discuss the crucial skills that musicians need beyond their artistic talents, such as understanding the organizational aspects of music festivals, the needs of journalists, and effective self-promotion. They highlight the gap in traditional music education systems, which often leave graduates unprepared for the realities of a music career, underscoring the need for entrepreneurship programs that equip students with practical skills and a broader understanding of the industry.

The conversation also touches on the evolution of the industry, particularly the influence of digital advancements like social media, and how these tools can be leveraged to build a personal brand and connect directly with audiences. Pieter stresses the importance of viewing a music career through a broader lens, encouraging musicians to explore various pathways and integrate personal interests and skills into their professional lives. This approach not only enriches their careers but also helps them stand out in a competitive field.


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