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How Molly Dominated Her CPA Exams Studying 2hrs a Day
Episode 10613th December 2022 • CPA Exam Experience from SuperfastCPA • SuperfastCPA
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In this SuperfastCPA podcast interview, you'll hear how Molly scored in the 90s on all 4 CPA exams, while following a simple study process that only took 2hrs a day. She was of course extremely dedicated and consistent in executing the strategies every single day, but she started and finished the CPA exams in just 6 months using the strategies you'll hear in this interview.


Episode Timestamps

  • 00:00 Molly Exported Interview
  • 00:42 Intro
  • 04:52 Molly Talks About Her CPA Journey
  • 07:21 How Molly found SuperfastCPA and Started to Study
  • 09:14 Putting Her Faith and Trusting the Process
  • 10:46 Getting the Most Out of the Free Webinar and Podcasts
  • 12:03 Created a Widget on the Phone to Help Stay on Track
  • 13:23 Trusting on the New Learning Process
  • 17:00 Molly Understanding of How to Approach the CPA Exams
  • 18:26 Molly's Process for Making Flashcards
  • 20:35 Why Molly Didn't Worry About the Number of Flashcards She Made
  • 21:58 Molly's Study Process for the Practice SIMs
  • 24:14 Set a Goal and Stick to It
  • 25:07 How Molly Studied Throughout the Day
  • 28:47 Writing Down Other Goals and Rewards Helps with the Process
  • 31:01 Why Molly Was Able to Free Up Time from Studying
  • 33:11 Letting Go of Stress and Commit to a Proven Working Study Process
  • 34:46 Passed All Four CPA Exams in Six Months
  • 35:59 Molly's Became More Confident with the MCQs Over Time
  • 37:25 Getting a Score of More than 90 in All Four Exams
  • 39:50 Molly's Study Routine on the Weekend
  • 41:27 Created a Visual Tracker To Stay on Track
  • 44:33 Molly's Phone Daily Reminders
  • 46:49 How Molly Would Do Her Final Review
  • 50:26 Key Strategies That Helped Molly
  • 55:02 Top Benefits that Molly Got from SuperfastCPA
  • 57:52 Outro

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