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HIV, AIDS and How Far We Have Come In Media
Episode 1316th April 2022 • Queernundrum Podcast • Holly Greystone and Gary Thoren
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This is a tough topic for many. We definitely need to jump in and talk about these difficult conversations. In meantime, we are comparing how far media has come in portraying HIV/AIDs.

This week we are comparing Three Months, starring Troye Sivan and how it is sparking new conversation around HIV/AIDs for new generations. It debuted on Paramount+ this year. The film, based on a true story, set in 2011. It is a coming-of-age film that tells the story of Caleb, as a South Florida teen who loves his camera, his weed and his grandmother. On the eve of his high school graduation, everything changes when he's exposed to HIV. While he waits three months for his results, Caleb finds love in the most unlikely of places (IMBd).

THEN we compare it to the amazing film. Philadelphia (1993) which is about AIDS. It's not a documentary on where the disease may have originated, or even a politically-fueled film that preaches a sermon from the rooftops. It's a look at one man who was discriminated against for having it, and his relationship with another man who can't stand people with it. The former is Andrew Beckett (Tom Hanks), an up-and-coming young lawyer for a major Philadelphia law firm. Beckett had kept his sexual preference secret for many years (in addition to eventually concealing the physical problems caused by the virus), for fear that the truth would kill his career. 

Unfortunately, it did. But it shouldn't have. (IMBd)

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