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Where Do Gays Retire? | Queer Money Ep. 504
Episode 5047th May 2024 • Queer Money®: How Gay People Do Money • Queer Money
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We all want to retire somewhere that’s both affordable and LGBTQ+-friendly.

But do places like that exist?

What else should we consider when deciding where to spend our golden years?

Mark Goldstein is the host of Where Do Gays Retire?, a podcast that explores safe, affordable retirement options for the LGBTQ+ community.

Mark is also the creator of the Where Do Gays Retire Facebook Group, a 13,800-member community for conversations around the best places to retire.

On this episode of Queer Money, Mark joins us to share his expertise about the most stereotypical and most surprising places where gays retire.

Mark describes the growing interest in retiring abroad among the LGBTQ+ community and explains what to research if you’re considering a retirement destination outside the US.

Listen in to understand the relationship between community and longevity—and learn how to find the right place to retire based on your priorities.

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