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Developer Secrets REVEALED!!: Prison Architect
Episode 796th July 2021 • Puro Ka Laro! Podcast • Puro Ka Laro!
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Recorded: 3 Jul 2021

Published: 7 Jul 2021

Today's guest is Ryan Sumo, co-founder of Squeaky Wheel. We talk more about how the game industry works, his experiences in game development and publishing. And also, details about Steam that few people are aware of.


0:01:54 - Ryan Sumo's journey from freelance artist to a game developer.

0:16:22 - Who decides to put microtransactions in a game?

0:21:20 - What is the advantage of a Solo Developer versus a Team?

0:26:24 - What is your experience in Game Publishing (Ruinarch)?

0:33:57 - How does one convince investors to invest in the video game industry?

0:41:43 - Ryan's thoughts on why there are few game studios in the PH

0:44:09 - How hard is it to market a game?

0:49:16 - Steam details any developer should know

0:59:07 - Soft Launch of Industry Initiative.


Academia: School Simulator | Squeaky Wheel Studio Inc

Ruinarch | Maccima Games / Squeaky Wheel Studio Inc.

Ryan Sumo | Blog

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