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How To Develop, Market And Go Global With Your Game-Changing Product, With Josh Snow
Episode 1384th March 2020 • Business Lunch • Roland Frasier
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Today, Roland sits down with 9-figure entrepreneur Josh Snow, Founder, and CEO of SNOW Teeth Whitening and David, two 9-figure revenue-earning brands. Last year, over 100 million people interacted with websites and brands owned by his companies. 

If you're an Entrepreneur or Marketer, Josh has some great insights you will want to hear today. He breaks down how he goes about working with influencers, and his steps and takeaways for moving into the global market. Check out his company here and connect with him on Instagram.

"Focus on building a great product, a great team, focus on your margin, focus on your revenue growth, focus on those things, and in the meantime, make your customers become influencers." Josh Snow.

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Listen Today for,

  • How (and why) Josh Snow created his hugely successful teeth-whitening product.
  • The inspiration and cues he took for designing his invention as a high-end product.
  • Why he 'bootstrapped' his company (when he didn't need to).
  • How to avoid over-extending your product selection.
  • Snow’s take on customer service and product guarantees.
  • What Josh has learned in taking his product worldwide.
  • Fascinating differentials in various global markets, and what Snow's team changed to meet those demands and capitalize on the different opportunities. 

"It has to be authentic, (people are asking) 'What's the story here? Or is it a facade?' A facade might be able to last for a while if you slam it down people's throat, but after a while, customers are smart enough to catch on." Josh Snow.

Plus, Listen For Snow's Step-by-Step Influencer Marketing Strategy

  • How to scale up from small bloggers and micro-influencers to the Kardashians.
  • Why Josh favors YouTube over Instagram for Influencer marketing AND paid Ads.
  • The long term approach he uses to put together celebrity deals. He looks at, 

1) Licensing

2) Royalties

3) Minimum cash payments and upfront cash payments

4) How to compliment their brand

5) How to build royalties for their kids

6) What the launch is going to look like.

• Why it's important to understand that a celebrity won't 'make' your business, it's brand awareness.

"How do you measure (influencer/marketer) affinity? Comments". Josh Snow.

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