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Product Marketing - Product Marketing Alliance EPISODE 11, 21st February 2020
Product Marketing Insider | Karim Zuhri, SafetyCulture
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Product Marketing Insider | Karim Zuhri, SafetyCulture

In episode 11 of our Insider series, we caught up with Karim Zuhri, Global Head of Product Marketing and Product Research at SafetyCulture, about the ins and outs of his role, how he kickstarted his career in product marketing, as well as how - living down under - he manages all the time differences that come hand-in-hand with leading a global function.


"I think that to be a product marketer, a very strong product marketer, you have to have a lot of knowledge that is technical, and be very tech savvy, and also interested and curious on what you are selling, on what you are actually marketing and pushing to the market."