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Parable Wines, Silverado Trail, Napa Valley Part 1
Episode 57314th April 2024 • SoCal Restaurant Show • Andrew Harris and Andrew Gruel
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“The Texas man, Fred Eppright, who once lived in a trailer, now earnestly has charitable endeavors. Assuredly, he holds strongly to success in his business undertakings. But that same Texas man, whose business is commercial real estate, finds himself cajoled by a son, smitten by wine, into the business of wine. The son convinced the father, the wine business could be satisfying, as well as result in a smart family enterprise. Fred, the father, told Trey, the son: “If you can find something that makes sense, bring it to me.” The son did. The father wound up spending a small fortune with the modest hopes of earning a small fortune.”

“This the unusual genesis of Parable Wines, which leads Trey Eppright, the son, to conclude the wine business “is the happiest business, because you give customers what they want.” To which Fred Eppright says, “Trey has that passion. I like that passion, but to me it is a business.””

“With that, the son moved to Calistoga from Austin when Trey found an established winery property once known as Dutch Henry, that had been mostly destroyed in the Glass Fire of 2020. It had a cave, a 2 ½-acre estate vineyard and a tasting room. And he soon identified five additional prized vineyards with which to make very small lots – with the help of renowned Napa Valley winemaker Kale Anderson – and forthwith, Parable Wines was established specializing in premium Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon from estate vineyards.”

Managing Partner Trey Eppright and Winemaker Kale Anderson join us to pull the cork on all that is Parable Wines.





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