Envisioning the Future of Artificial Intelligence with Michael Housman
Episode 7526th January 2023 • Innovation and the Digital Enterprise • DragonSpears
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Specific, problem-solving artificial intelligence is here, but when will the general, exponentially learning AI arrive in full force? Technologist Michael Housman, CTO of a stealth project at Doma, shares the anticipated arrival of AGI and his career contributing to machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

In this episode, Michael debunks misconceptions about AI and illuminates how malicious actors have benefitted from developments in data science (and how we can use data to catch them). Beginning his impressive career with a Ph.D. in economics, Michael shares insight into matching your strengths to the right company culture and how to know when you've achieved product-market fit.

  • (1:08) – Economist to engineering team lead
  • (3:02) – Singularity University
  • (4:29) – Misconceptions about artificial intelligence
  • (12:19) – Technology to enable general AI
  • (14:19) – Catching bad guys with data
  • (21:31) – Innovation and globalization
  • (25:46) – Big companies acting like a VC fund
  • (29:34) – Product-market fit
  • (34:40) – Company-employee match

Michael Housman is a technologist with over ten years of experience leading engineering and data science teams and architecting artificial intelligence platforms. Michael is the CTO of a stealth project at Doma, a faculty member at Singularity University, and has held several executive roles, including at Evolv and RapportBoost.AI. He earned a Ph.D. in Applied Economics & Managerial Science at The Wharton School and a bachelor’s degree in health care policy at Harvard University.

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