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Rimma Nehme on CosmosDB, Planet-Scale Applications, and Selling Door-to-Door
20th June 2017 • Data Driven • Data Driven
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In this episode, Frank and Andy talk with Rimma Nehma about CosmosDB, Planet-Scale applications, and how she got started in Data.


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Notable Quotes

Submitting to the PASS Summit 2017 ([1:10])
Blues Brothers movie reference ([3:50])
Data needs to be Everywhere ([11:00])
Planet scale ([16:00])
Spiderman reference – from Rimma! ([17:30])
Is this science fiction? ([24:24])
Battle-tested. ([25:30])
Open-source software analytics ([27:30])
The CosmosDB simulator ([32:44])
A little startup inside Microsoft ([35:30])
Rimma found query optimization really, really boring. ([37:45])
On family… ([40:45])
CosmosDB is truly out of this world. ([48:00])
On reading… ([42:00])
Selling door-to-door ([44:45])