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Founder Thesis - ThePodium.in EPISODE 27, 13th November 2020
Empowering Retailers | Tanutejas Saraswat @ ShopKirana
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Empowering Retailers | Tanutejas Saraswat @ ShopKirana

“Designing a website doesn’t create a business, creating a business creates a business.” 

He went on to be an entrepreneur empowering millions of retailers. He has revolutionised the retail industry with the help of two key factors: technology and supply chain innovation. Undaunted and determined, Tanutejas, our guest today at Founder Thesis, has always taken a step ahead of his comfort zone. Before starting his breakthrough journey at the B2B e-commerce company, ShopKirana, he had also ventured into two other companies which he identified were not scalable in the long run. Nevertheless, after his four-year stint in Napster Era- a new age media agency connecting brands with customers, ShopKirana happened which changed the game. The Indore-based startup has 12,000 plus retailers on its platform and is consistently expanding.

In this conversation, Tanutejas shares insights from the startup world, talking about a range of topics from retail, venture capital, funding, scaling up to disrupting the mom-and-pop stores and building an impactful business story.  

Tune in to the full episode to know how he converted the unorganised structure of Kirana stores to a revolutionary success story. 

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Takeaways from our conversation: 

  1. How does the Online Retail Business Model work
  2. Disrupting  logistics and  supply chain in the retail marketplace
  3. Lessons from a Data-driven world 
  4. Connecting  Kirana Stores with brands 
  5. Understanding retailer behaviour