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Confidence and Conditioning: Secrets to Winning Your First Show and Going Pro
Episode 628th May 2024 • Vegans Who Lift Podcast • Vegans Explore
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In the latest episode of the Vegans Who Lift Podcast, hosts John Thomas, aka The Bodybuilding Vegan, and Brooke Sellers, aka Miss Meatless Muscle, welcome a special guest, Greta, an OCB figure competitor who recently turned pro. They dive into Greta's journey as a vegan bodybuilder, discussing her experiences and challenges during prep, the transition from swimming to lifting, and her impressive progress over the last four years. The episode highlights the importance of mindset, posing, and the unexpected difficulties of prep, such as dealing with heavy legs during simple tasks like walking to class.

Throughout the conversation, the hosts and Greta share personal anecdotes, from John’s stolen meal prep saga to Greta’s unique approach to learning Spanish through her phone settings. The discussion also touches on the significance of stage presence and the impact of confidence in competitions. As they explore Greta's future plans in bodybuilding, including a 9-12 month bulking phase and potential pro shows, the episode underscores the dedication and discipline required to succeed in the sport while balancing college and work commitments. This engaging and informative episode provides a glimpse into the life of a vegan bodybuilder and the supportive community of the Vegans Who Lift Podcast.




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