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Ep 6 - TCS World Travel with Jesse Terranova
Episode 629th May 2024 • The Luxury Travelers Podcast • Rodney George
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Welcome to the Luxury Traveler Podcast! In this episode, Jesse Terranova from TCS World Travel shares why the company is a leader in the industry, offering unparalleled travel experiences. Notably, TCS operates two brand new Airbus A321 jets, accommodating 52 passengers, and offers between 20 and 25 unique journeys annually. TCS boasts many repeat clients, with 40 to 45% returning for more adventures. This loyalty is due to their exceptional service, including a personal guest service manager, a private chef, a physician, and world-renowned guides for every trip. One standout experience is the 22-day golf trip worldwide, priced at $158,000 per person, showcasing destinations in ways even seasoned travelers have yet to see. For a glimpse of these luxurious offerings, visit the TCS World Travel website to view videos of the Airbus and detailed itineraries. Enjoy yourself. It’s later than you think! 


  • [0:51] Jesse gives an overview of why TCS World Travel is unparalleled in the industry
  • [3:36] Jesse describes what sets TCS apart from other travel companies and the percentage of repeat clients
  • [8:39] Clients have a personal guest service manager, a private chef serving Michelin-star-type meals, a physician and world-renowned guides, and Jesse describes other perks 
  • [12:51] Discussion of the Airbus A321 and explanation of the 22-day golf around the world trip for $158,000 per person
  • [18:31] These trips need to be planned, and TCS offers completely different experiences even to destinations listeners may have already been
  • [24:13] View the website to see videos of the Airbus and itineraries


  • TCS World Travel operates two brand new Airbus A321 Jets, which seat 52 passengers, and they take between 20 and 25 once in a lifetime different trips every year.
  • The Four Seasons Private Jet experience allows passengers to stay exclusively in Four Seasons Hotels and a team of 500 people collaborating on every trip.
  • 40 to 45% of TCS clients are repeat customers, and sometimes they request a private customer travel experience on a smaller jet for a shorter duration.


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Jesse Terranova is a Travel & Tourism Designer and 5x Ironman Triathlete with a decade of experience in professional hospitality services, including consulting at the big four, coaching and hosting small group luxury travel experiences around the globe. Today, Jesse is a Business Development Manager with TCS World Travel, the esteemed operator of The Four Seasons Private Jet Expedition Program. Don’t miss the rare opportunity to enter a once-in-a-lifetime bucket list experience beyond first class aboard our custom 52 lie-flat seat Airbus A321 private jet.

TCS World Travel's 20+ exclusive private expedition itineraries offer you the opportunity to embark on a remarkable journey that exceeds the boundaries of your wildest imagination. With tailor-made experiences crafted specifically to align with your unique preference and travel goals, your enriching adventure promises to be nothing short of extraordinary.





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