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Build a better business - Dino Tartaglia
Episode 1220th June 2021 • The Instructor • Terry Cook
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Want to build a BETTER business, one where you feel like you're in control of the path you're on and where you're headed? There's no better feeling than seeing yourself make progress in your business every week.  This week we're joined by Dino Tartaglia as we discuss the importance of treating your business as a business, taking the best approach to marketing and who to assess your prices - tip, you can probably increase them! Check out The Excellerator, our coaching programme that helps you take the right steps at the right time, to continuously improve yourself and your profits. You can also find Dino on: Facebook - LinkedIN - Twitter - YouTube - Instagram - Website - And be sure to check out his podcast - You can also find more information and join the DITC at Thanks for joining us for season one, be sure to follow us on all the socia media platforms below and get int ouch if you have any feedback on the show, want to be a guest or have suggestions.  Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - LinkedIN - Website -