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"You're the Problem!" with Todd Baldridge
Episode 168th July 2022 • Success Leaves Clues: An Automotive Industry Podcast • SLCAutoPodcast
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What if you found out all along you that YOU were the problem that was causing your shop, or even your life to not be where you wanted them to be — that you were the source of your own discontentment and frustration. I feel that so many people run from such a thought because honestly, I think when we acknowledge that we have that much power, it would mean we have to take responsibility and change. It was this train of thought that transformed today’s hero, Todd Baldridge owner of Buckeye Complete Auto care in Columbus OH. Todd owned his responsibility in his situation and it changed everything. This revelation propelled him to create a thriving shop where his team loves working there and his customers have to fight over parking spots just to get in. There are so many great nuggets in this great interview. 



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