Learning from top subscription brands with Underwaterpistol
Episode 2219th July 2022 • Hit Subscribe | The subscription ecommerce podcast by Recharge • Recharge
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In this episode, we talk to Head of Growth, Nathan Abbott and CRO & UX specialist Lilliana Miller from Underwaterpistol, a Shopify Plus agency based in the UK specializing in designing, building, and growing best in class ecommerce brands.

First up, Nathan pulls back the curtain and showcases 10 brands who are crushing it with subscriptions and why each example is doing something unique that your brand could take advantage of. His insight into subscription brands is second to none, and the examples he details range from leveraging testing and creative onboarding flows, to psychology and human behavior logic.

Then, Lilliana digs into some amazing examples of landing pages that crush the conversion rate optimization test. Her experience in the world of CRO allows her to highlight some of the best ways to get customers to not only take the action you want them to take on your landing pages, but also stick around as long time subscribers.

Finally, we wrap with some advice from this dynamic duo on how to kick off a new subscription brand or continue scaling an already established brand.


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