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Sustainable Innovation - From EVs to MetaVerse. Are you Ready? With IBM's Institute for Business Value
Episode 1922nd April 2022 • Tomorrow's Tech Today • Sally Eaves
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In this Earth Day special, we explore Electric Vehicles, Space Tech, Metaverse Collaboration & more. This is a deep dive into business model evolution and the foundations of innovation that all organisations, from SME to Enterprise alike, need to explore with a particular focus on today's Age of Convergence and the embedding of connectivity, security and sustainability features by design through AI, 5G, Zero Trust, IoT and more!

And to do so, I am joined by expert experience from IBM's Institute of Business Value, IBM's business thought leadership institution, who provide cutting edge research into all the elements above!

Our guests are Chad Andrews, Global TM&E Leader, Noriko Suzuki, Global Research Leader, Automotive, Aerospace and Defence Industry and Cristene Gonzalez-Wertz, Global Research Leader, Electronics, Environment, Energy and Utilities.

It's a fascinating conversation! And we would love your thoughts on the episode too - thanks for listening!

Sally, Chad, Noriko, Cristene and the #TTT Team

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