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PodOn Podcast - StudioPod Media EPISODE 9, 30th March 2021
Does Cover Art Really Matter?
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Does Cover Art Really Matter?

Welcome to PodOn, the podcast where we share stories from other podcasters and talk with them about the challenges we all face when beginning the podcasting journey. If you are a podcaster, we would love to hear your story and your feedback. If you love this podcast, please subscribe and share it with your friends. 

They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover but let’s face it, sometimes it is inevitable. In this episode of PodOn, Julian and TJ talk about the visual resources of your show and the face of your podcast, the cover art. Julian takes it away on one of his favorite topics and gives us advice on how to create an attractive yet clear and understandable cover image. Plus TJ shares a list of podcasts with great cover art to draw inspiration from and get started. Join Julian and TJ in this conversation and get a crash course on design priorities for your podcast’s success!

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(00:51) - Why should you care about cover art? - “If you're walking in a store and you're looking for a new bottle of wine, how do you know if the wine's good? Some people are just attracted to the labels.”

(2:43) - Must-haves: Technicalities about your image - “What's most important is making sure that your title pops, you have to be very aware that most people are listening to podcasts on their phones and so it's a small little square image.

(04:08) - Photos, titles, and color - “Search for that general topic that the podcast is about, really understand what's already out there, and make sure that from a color standpoint, you have something different than other things that can pop up.”

(07:36) - New cover art for each episode or season? - “If you have the bandwidth or you have a team supporting you, then definitely you can lean into that. It's not something that you absolutely need to have, but it definitely is something that can do wonders.”


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