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In the Clubhouse: Easy Options for Marketing with Digital Audio - Part 2
Episode 16725th January 2023 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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“Audio has this very interesting quality of embedding itself in your head. We all know about those earworms: 'oh gosh I can't stop singing this song.' Imagine you have a nice jingle, it's a way for the brand to get into the heads of folks, I'm not saying that's a good thing necessarily, but that's an indication of the power of audio, where it just goes in. Now, let's not forget all of us, all human beings, the first nine months of our lives we're in the dark and we're just listening." -- Ahmed Bouzid


This episode’s the second half of my discussion with Ahmed Bouzid and Jenn Dudley in The Power of Sound Club on Clubhouse about Easy Options for Marketing with Digital Audio, as we discuss sound’s psychological potential, the surprising audio spaces Ahmed and Jenn have helped their clients discover, and how artificial intelligence is changing the audio landscape in a variety of ways.

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Listening Creatures

As the second half of the discussion starts, we talk about how sound sets the mood for visuals, and how some surprising movie trailer edits help demonstrate that. As Jenn describes it, it's "the idea that you can take a different track of music and put it under the same visuals and you can end up with a very different result.” Ahmed observes that our connection sound goes all the way back to before we were born, and that “we started as listening creatures more than seeing creatures.” “And I think that manifests itself,” he adds, “in many ways in our lives.” They both go on to describe how audio opens up new elements of SEO and algorithmic content and new channels of communication. “You can start with a podcast,” Jenn says, “and you can use that audio in other places, you can run a transcript, and then you have text and collect things from your audience. And there are easy ways of doing that."


Delivering the Message

Ahmed continues his list of top ten ways that audio is more engaging than video, and shares the story of one new audio strategy a client helped him discover. “Here's one that the customer dropped on me,” he says, “and that is an audiobook. We were talking and they were brainstorming with me an audiobook for their company." Jenn agrees with him and adds that “at the end of the day, I think anywhere that you’re sharing your message, almost always there’s an opportunity to either deliver that message in an audio format or in a companion piece so you’re giving your audience a different way to consume it.”


Getting the Most Value

“People tend to be really focused,” Jenn recounts from her own work with business clients, “and, again, they come to us to do a podcast, but they’ve started to branch out.” We take a look at how audio can strengthen written and visual marketing strategies, giving customers more opportunities for engagement. “It’s getting the most value out of the effort you’re putting into any of your marketing efforts,” Jenn explains. As the Clubhouse chat comes to a close, we also talk about how artificial intelligence has revolutionized audio’s ease of use, whether it’s automated translations, synthetic audio text on demand, or even summarizing written content. “Everybody’s become a commodity,” Ahmed says. “Audio is where folks can now innovate and differentiate themselves.”


Episode Summary

  • How audio influences our emotions and sets the mood for visual content
  • Digital audio’s potential to reshape SEO and user-generated content
  • Using digital audio to expand the reach of traditional marketing
  • How OpenAI, Google, and other services are transforming online audio


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