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020: Starch Wars (featuring Brendan White from The Hungry Gamers)
Episode 207th May 2017 • Bit Storm • Ben Slinger and Trevor Scott
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Vegetables abound this week as Ben and Trevor are joined by Brendan White from fellow AGPN podcast The Hungry Gamers. We imagine a world where root vegetables are made sentient and fight their leafy above ground foes, a chalky stegosaurus tracking down fare evaders and solving a mystery, a Transformers heist game, a grisly 19th century murder mystery starring Willem Dafoe and using the Death Stranding technology, and we re-imagine The Last Of Us as a new entry into the Universal Monsters canon. Click Pitch Vegetation Hangover Wringer Root Celery Snarl Forgetful Cutting Emissary Robbery Battery Airplane Outcast Dinosaur Fare Disintegration Designer Nutmeg Rolling Raven Adornment Reimagined: The Last Of Us 2